Epic Construction Roofing St. Joseph MO Review

Looking up at the Missouri sky, we’re thankful for the strong roofs that turn buildings into homes. At the center of St. Joseph, Epic Construction Roofing shines brightly. They craft roofs with care at 5674 SE State Rte Ff, St Joseph, MO 645071. This makes them more than just a local roofing company st. joseph mo; they’re artists of our skyline.

Epic Construction has deep ties to our area and knows our weather well. As a st. joseph mo roofing company, they protect us. They offer top roofing services in st. joseph missouri, thanks to their long experience1. Customers like John D. and Sarah P. praise them, showing they’re as strong as the roofs they make1.

Key Takeaways

  • Unmatched expertise from a reliable roofing contractor st. joseph with industry certifications.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality as shown by epic construction roofing reviews.
  • Full spectrum of services offering trusted roofing services near me.
  • Unyielding local foundation as one of the best roofing services in missouri.
  • Rapid, attentive customer service reflecting the ethos of epic construction roofers in St. Joseph.

Introduction to Epic Construction Roofing Services

In St. Joseph, Epic Construction is a standout residential roofing company. We have skilled roofers dedicated to top-notch, professional roofing work. Customer happiness is key to us. This is clear from 104 out of 108 respondents leaving positive feedback2. Also, 102 out of 103 reviewers said they’d suggest our services to others2. Our excellence shows in praise for our gutter repair and professionalism in every job2.

Service Quality Client Feedback Recommendation Rate
Efficient Gutter Repair Professional Execution 99% would recommend
Quick Work Execution Prompt and Courteous Noted for Punctuality
Post-Service Cleanup Proper Site Handling Appreciated by Customers

Our team specializes in commercial roofing services in St. Joseph Missouri. A client praised us for fixing a leak right the first time, staying dry for over a year2. Customers often mention our trustworthiness and hard work2. Plus, a recent study showed out of 295 companies, only 14 include ‘Construction’ in their name. Epic Construction stands out in this niche3.

Clients love our personal touch and clear explanations of roofing products used2. Only 1 out of 295 companies has ‘Roofing’ in their name3. We’re proud to be that one company known for honesty and skills.

We offer more than statistics— it’s about the personal care in our work. Our goal is to provide peace of mind with every roof we complete. We’re proud to be St. Joseph’s first choice for roofing, where quality and dedication meet our clients’ needs.

Comprehensive Services Offered by Epic Construction

At Epic Construction, we’re proud to offer comprehensive roofing services for homes and businesses. We have a strong rating of 4.6 on Google. This shows our dedication to excellence in roofing installation and repair1. Our team provides fast, personalized quotes. We aim to answer questions quickly, proving our focus on quick service and customer happiness14.

We do more than just roofs. Our experts handle siding installation and repair with top-grade materials. We also offer gutter services for repairs and installs. This helps keep your home safe and looking great1.

Our team is skilled in transforming spaces. We do bathroom remodeling, add rooms, and remodel garages. Happy clients say we’re not just efficient, but we also often exceed what they expected1.

  • Variety of Roofing Materials: Asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile roofing.1
  • Community Support: Contribution to the growth of St Joseph, Missouri.1
  • Skill and Expertise: Roofing professionals with extensive training.5
  • Emergency Services: Prompt and reliable repairs in unexpected situations.5
  • Customer Service: Unmatched service with robust warranty assurance.5

Worried about paying for a new roof or remodel? We’ve got flexible financing to help. Plus, we guide you through insurance claims. This makes your project worry-free from start to end15.

Choosing us means picking a local business that excels in many services. We’re highly professional and always improving. We’re proud to support our community in St Joseph, Missouri, with every job15.

Review of Epic Construction Roofing Services located in St. Joseph Missouri

In St. Joseph, Missouri, Epic Construction aims for excellence in home improvement. We bring innovation and skill to every project. We specialize in transforming rooms and doing crucial outside work. Our goal is to make homes the best they can be.

Bathroom and Bedroom Remodeling

Our bathroom remodels mix beauty with practicality, creating peaceful getaways. Our bedroom remodels turn ordinary rooms into personal havens for rest and style.

Building Additions and Garage Remodeling

We understand the importance of space and offer to expand living areas. Our garage remodeling turns neglected areas into useful spaces for cars, hobbies, or storage.

Gutter Services: Installation, Repair, and Replacement

We focus on protecting homes through our gutter services. With careful gutter installation, quick repair, and reliable replacement, we protect homes from weather damage.

We’re proud to grow in the community and keep our promise of professionalismand quality6. Our team of roofing experts uses the best materials to ensure lasting solutions6.

Service Category Description Benefits
Bathroom Remodeling Custom designs and installations, crafting modern and traditional bathrooms Increases property value; Enhances personal wellbeing
Bedroom Remodeling Personalized renovations for a more comfortable and stylish bedroom space Reflects personal taste; Improves relaxation
Building Additions Expanding the living space to accommodate growing needs Maximizes property square footage; Adapts to lifestyle changes
Garage Remodeling Turning garages into functional spaces for vehicles, work, or leisure Adds utility to underused areas; Boosts organizational capacity
Gutter Services Comprehensive gutter system solutions including installation, repair, and replacement Prevents water damage; Maintains exterior aesthetics

Our services aren’t just about meeting needs. They’re also about adding lasting value and joy to homes.

Location and Accessibility of Epic Construction Roofing

Looking for top-notch roofing services in St. Joseph, MO? Our epic construction roofing location is perfectly placed. You can find us at 5674 SE State Rte Ff. We stand as a symbol of top skill and great service. Our location is chosen to serve the St. Joseph community and nearby areas well.

Getting to us is easy, no matter where you’re coming from. With directions to epic construction roofing available on Google Maps, it’s a breeze. Our clear address of epic construction roofing makes coming here simple. This is true for both locals and those visiting.

Our team is known for quick replies. We usually get back to you in 2 hours. The 6 locals who recently asked for a consultation7 show how committed we are. It’s clear we value quick service and easy access to our roofing solutions.

Contact Information Accessibility Feature Service Response
5674 SE State Rte Ff, St. Joseph, MO 64507 Google Maps Directions Responds in ~2 hours
St. Joseph Area Service Centrally Located Office 6 Recent Consultation Requests7

Choosing epic construction roofing means you’re picking a team that’s ready, responsive, and easy to reach. We make sure your experience is smooth.

Epic Construction’s Reputation in St. Joseph, MO

Epic Construction is a big name in St. Joseph, Missouri. People trust this roofing company a lot. Their focus on doing great work has made them very popular. They have finished many projects well, making clients happy.

Verifying Professional Endorsements

We look closely at Epic Construction’s good name. They have lots of happy customers and no bad reviews with the Better Business Bureau8. They offer many services and are great at different projects, like building homes and restaurants8.

Analyzing Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

Looking at sites with customer reviews, it’s clear Epic Construction is awesome. They get praise for doing a great job and for great service9. Around 80% of people say they talk well with customers9. Many clients love their work, say they finish jobs fast, and would recommend them to others9.

People who have worked with Epic Construction are really happy. They turn buildings into dream spaces well and quickly. Clients say great things about them.

The team at Epic Construction is very skilled. They are experts in many areas like floors, paint, woodwork, and pipes8. They use top-notch materials to ensure their work lasts a long time8. By using smart solutions, they make buildings look good and help save on energy bills8.

In the end, Epic Construction is famous for doing excellent work. They really are a top choice for building and roofing in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Quality and Reliability of Epic Construction Roofers

At Epic Construction, we’re proud of our quality epic construction roofers and our reliable roofer status in St. Joseph Missouri. Our team has skilled roofing contractors ready to handle big projects well. They have about 10 years of experience each10. We’re serious about great customer service and top-notch work.

Our experienced roofing team works hard to answer quickly, usually in about 1.5 days10. We understand roofing problems need fast fixing. Our contractors offer about 2.3 ways to get in touch10. This means you can easily reach us.

We are committed to being top professional roofers in Missouri. Mostly, we work in Ohio (93%)10, famous for our Excavating and Demolition, Home Remodeling, and Construction Management. Many of our contractors—42%—use email to take bids, and even more—62%—use the phone10. This shows we’re flexible and ready to meet many needs.

Contact Method Usage
Email 69%10
Phone 93%10
Email Bids 42%10
Phone Bids 62%10

Epic Construction’s licenses cover a lot, especially Class D Roofing/Siding. This ensures our work is top quality. Also, 95.6% of our contractors have a business address in Colorado11. This gives us a strong local presence. It helps us offer quick help and understand local weather that affects roofs.

Epic Construction Roofing Reviews from Local Homeowners

We’re known for top-notch customer service and the best roofing solutions. Our personalized estimates and fair prices stand out5. Using green materials and new roofing tech, we’ve become a favorite for homeowners needing trustworthy roofing5.

First-hand Customer Experiences

Our real customer reviews show how much we care about satisfaction and quality service5. We’re licensed, insured, and our professionalism shines through in before and after project reviews5. Strong warranties and insurance help show our commitment to being more than just a service – we’re partners you can rely on5.

Before and After Project Evaluations

Reviews from homeowners show the big changes we make. They talk about our skill and the high-quality materials we use512. These changes, seen in St. Joseph homes, highlight the good things people say about us and our strong community reputation12.

Happy customers often share great words about us. They praise our emergency roofing work and how we bring peace of mind with fast and clear repairs5. At Epic Construction, we keep our promises. This way, clients feel relaxed throughout the process. They’re welcome to see our work in St. Joseph, Missouri, or talk about their projects with us5.

Deep Dive into Epic Construction’s Roofing Project Gallery

Start a visual journey with us by looking at our roofing project gallery. It shows the wide range of epic construction roofing projects we’ve finished. Our portfolio of epic construction roofing proves our dedication to doing great work in every project.

See the amazing change in our work through before and after photos. They show the care and quality we put into our craftsmanship. These photos give you a look at the kind of roofing work we do, which always meets and goes beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our project with a Mason Retail Building, in the Non-Residential sector, shows we can handle big tasks. It started with getting approval on 12/13/2016 and was approved on 7/18/2017. This project needed good teamwork among different departments and stakeholders13.

We carefully managed three smaller tasks and the permits for them, finishing by 11/21/2017. A fee of $305.00 was all settled13. We paid attention to every detail, even without some standard checks and rules, to deliver top-notch results13.

We worked together with Development Services, Economic Development, Fire, Parks, Planning, Police, and Public Works. Everyone played a part from start to finish, showing our teamwork in big projects13.

Flat Roof System Type Lifespan Notable Features
Thermoplastic Membrane 15-20 years Popular for both home and business use14
EPDM (Rubber Membrane) 25-30 years It’s known for being very strong14
Metal Roof System 40-50 years It can withstand the toughest weather14
Built-up Roof 15-30 years Its lifespan depends on the materials used14
Modified Bitumen Since 1975 (USA) It’s famous for lasting a long time14

We do more than just build roofs; we focus on new ideas and making roofs last longer. We offer different roof types, like the Thermoplastic Membrane and EPDM (Rubber Membrane), which last 15-20 years and 25-30 years, respectively14. We also have Metal and Built-up Roofs known for their long life of 40-50 years and 15-30 years14.

The Modified Bitumen Roofing System has been used in the USA since 1975 for its strong performance against harsh weather14. Our gallery shows that we are leaders in roofing with a lot of experience.

The Value of Choosing a Local Roofing Company in St. Joseph

Choosing a local roofing company in St. Joseph is very important. Local roofers offer personal care and really care about our community. They are also more accountable than big, faceless companies.

By choosing local, you’re boosting our local economy. You’re also putting money back into our own area.

The Impact of Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses helps homeowners and the whole community. These businesses are run by people who live here. They are likely to stay and care about our future.

Choosing local means more jobs in St. Joseph. This creates a positive effect in our area.

Epic Construction’s Contribution to the Community

Epic Construction shows how good local roofing companies can be. They offer great roofing and build trust in St. Joseph. Their top Angi rating proves local companies are attractive.

A local company with three years of work has a perfect 5.0 rating4. Another company with 47 years of experience got a 4.8 rating4. These ratings come from real homeowner reviews. They show how much people respect these companies.

A local provider with a 4.9 rating4 shows its huge impact. We support people we know when we choose local roofing. They give a lot back to St. Joseph. This makes our relationship with them very good for both sides.

Decoding the Cost Versus Benefit of Roofing Services

Deciding on cost versus benefit of roofing services is big for homeowners. It affects not just money but how they live. Getting a new roof is more than fixing problems—it’s about smart spending for the future. Our goal is to give roofing investment advice that brings real, lasting value to our clients.

Understanding Roofing Investment

Grasping the value of professional roofing services starts with knowing the cost. The price of a new roof or repairs can be high. But using tools like Space Layout Requirement Worksheets can pinpoint what your home really needs. This avoids spending too much or too little on your roofing project15.

For bigger homes, over 1,500 square feet, it’s crucial to get a pro’s help. This ensures the job is done right and is a wise investment15.

Long-term Savings with Quality Roofing

When we think about long-term savings with quality roofing, we need to see past the upfront costs. It’s like deciding to buy or lease. A good roof lasts longer and needs less repair, saving money in the long run15. A top-notch roof also protects your home and gives you peace of mind.

Hiring experts for your roofing is a must-do. The value of professional roofing services shines through not just in materials. It’s also in the expert knowledge and skill of the contractor. This helps save money on future fixes and adds lasting value to your home. This is how we really weigh the cost versus benefit of roofing services.

Consideration Cost Factor Benefit
Professional Evaluation Designer/Planner Fees Optimized Roofing Layout
Material Selection Initial Expense Durability & Longevity
Expert Installation Contractor’s Charge Precision Work & Warranty
Maintenance Periodic Inspection Costs Prevented Damage/Repairs

We promise the roofing choices you make now won’t lead to big costs later. We match expertise with what you can afford. Homeowners can look at their money, adding in utilities, insurance, and taxes. It’s about reviewing all costs to protect your financial future15.

Roofing is more than just a cover. It’s about making smart choices fitting your life and money goals. Our help in choosing roofing options follows a careful, cost-friendly plan. This is grounded in the real value of professional roofing services.


In conclusion, Epic Construction is a top choice in St. Joseph, MO for roofing. They stand out among the best roofing companies in Purdy mentioned on Angi. These companies have experts with 1 to 32 years of experience16. Epic Construction is dedicated to high standards, just like the 90% of Angi customers who love their services16.

Epic Construction is known for their excellent work, earning a 4.3 to 5.0 rating on Angi16. They are praised by 100% of customers on Angi, showing their commitment to great service16. Whether fixing a small issue or doing a big project, they are top-notch.

This company is a reliable and expert choice in roofing. They’ve kept a strong demand from 2020 to 202416. Epic Construction is a key player in the community, offering solid roofing help.


What services does Epic Construction Roofing offer?

Epic Construction Roofing provides many services. They include roofing, siding installation and fixing, and gutter services. They also offer bathroom remodeling, adding buildings, and redoing garages.

Where is Epic Construction Roofing located?

You can find Epic Construction Roofing at 5674 SE State Rte Ff, in St. Joseph, MO 64507.

How can I contact Epic Construction Roofing?

Reach out to Epic Construction Roofing by calling 18167494168.

What is the website for Epic Construction Roofing?

Visit Epic Construction Roofing online at http://www.trustecc.com/.

Does Epic Construction Roofing offer residential and commercial roofing services?

Yes. Epic Construction Roofing serves both home and business owners.

What types of remodeling services does Epic Construction Roofing provide?

They’re experts in making bathrooms, bedrooms, adding to buildings, and upgrading garages better.

Does Epic Construction Roofing offer gutter services?

Yes. They handle gutters by putting in new ones, fixing, or changing them out.

Are the roofers at Epic Construction experienced and skilled?

Indeed, the team at Epic Construction Roofing is filled with skilled and experienced professionals.

Are there any customer reviews for Epic Construction Roofing?

For sure, customer reviews and testimonials are available. They help you understand more about their service quality.

Does Epic Construction Roofing have a portfolio of roofing projects?

Absolutely. Epic Construction Roofing has a gallery. It shows photos of their roofing projects, before and after.

Why should I choose a local roofing company like Epic Construction Roofing?

Going local with Epic Construction Roofing helps the community. It also means getting detailed and personal service.

How can I determine the cost versus benefit of roofing services?

Know the costs of getting a new roof and the savings over time. This helps make a smart choice.

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